Henceforth is the privacy policy for NexCRM that will take effect beginning 1/12/2018. It covers
and is not limited to all products and services by NexCRM.

Privacy Commitment

NexCRM has never sold information for advertising or made money by including ads in our
products and services. Included in this document is a detailed documentation of the information
we collect and who has access to the information.

Information NexCRM Collects & Controls

All information collected by NexCRM in our products will be based the needs of our products.
This information includes but is not limited to information that is given during signup processes,
when you contact customer service or when you purchase a subscription.

Data that is stored is limited to contact details and personal information. We do not store credit
card details unless you agree to it.

Under the instances of using our software, we do log information for the purpose of analytics.
This includes the method of reaching our website, browser and the operating system. This
information is used for further product improvement and development.

What NexCRM Does With Information Gathered

The information that is stored is used to provide services that have been requested the creation
and maintenance of accounts and the surveillance so that there are no unauthorised activities
on your accounts.

These information is also used to keep you updated with the latest of our products and services.
Besides that, the information is also used to help us understand our user base and ensure
further improvements are made for the betterment of our products and services
All of the data and information that is collected is done with your consent or upon other legal
basis for example our legitimate business interests. You however have the right to decline or
opt-out of certain information gathering methods such as cookies or email newsletters.

Access to your data is only granted to individuals who have a legitimate need for it.This includes
and is not limited to our employees, contractors and other third-party service providers.

NexCRM will also keep your personal information as long as you are a end user for the services
or products provided by NexCRM. Once we have no longer a legitimate reason for data storage
or information, we will proceed to remove and delete from our database.

Data Processed By NexCRM

NexCRM allows for the storage of data and information of other individuals within our system.

This data can be stored in our system from either our web based portal or our mobile apps that
are available.

All these data is deemed as personal service data. As such, we will only process and allow
access for this data upon your request. We will continue to keep the data as long as you have
an active subscription with NexCRM. If your subscription has ended NexCRM will proceed to
keep your data for 3 months before it will be permanently deleted.

General Privacy Policy

However, there lies some limitations to our policy. As legally stated, NexCRM will have to
disclose your personal data if it is necessary when it is due to a legal obligation. This includes
but is not limited to fraud prevention, enforcing an agreement and protecting safety of an
individual. If any future changes are made to our privacy policy, you will receive an email
notifying you of the new changes.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy statement is made by Nexible Solutions for our product NexCRM. All the
entries listed collectively as “NexCRM”,”we”, “us” or “our” refers to the product NexCRM.

NexCRM’s Privacy Commitment

Ever since our establishment, we have pride ourselves with maintaining and safeguarding all
our customers data with the best measures possible. NexCRM only stores the bare minimum of
required data so our users will be able to use our services and products without any
complications. We inform our customers regarding the data that we store and we provide them
the option to opt out of certain data which is not absolutely required for our services or products
to function in an optimal manner.

We do not sell or make money from ads. This is to uphold our duty and avoiding any conflict of

Scope Of NexCRM Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies explicitly to all products and services under NexCRM
Information NexCRM collects & controls

The information that we collect and control include items that include your name, email address
and contact number. Data such as these are required for the processing for NexCRM.

NexCRM Account Sign Up

We require your name, contact number, organisation name, business type, email address and
other details to create your account at NexCRM. You may also provide a photo and other
personal details that we may require.

NexCRM Form Submission and Event Registration

Information and data in relations to events and forms that for seminars, webinars, newsletter
subscriptions, white paper downloads, ebooks and forms to request support or assistance are
all included in this policy. These information represent data you freely provide to NexCRM and
will be treated as such.


Under the circumstances that NexCRM requests for testimonials, you the user will always have
the final say before we publicly publish your testimonials. If there arises a time where you would
want to remove your testimonial, you would need to contact NexCRM at

Interactions with NexCRM

NexCRM may record and store your interactions with us for analytics. Data from these records
will be stored for improving our service and our customer interactions.

Browser Information, Device Information & Server Information

Interaction with NexCRM through our website, web portal or mobile app may give us access to
your operating system, server location and device type. These data may be gained from our
server or third party clients. We log these information so we will be able to improve our services
and understand the needs of our clients better.

Information from first party and tracking technologies

The use of temporary and permanent cookies are for the identification for users of our service
and to enhance user experience. The use of cookies, beacons, tags and other technologies are
to gather user analytics and demographic information. We only use first party cookies and we
also employ first party local storage objects such as HTML5 to store information and preference
of our users to provide certain features.

Information collected from third parties

NexCRM also uses third party authentication services and information for logging in and
identifying users will be stored within the NexCRM database.

Retention of information

NexCRM will retain your information and data for as long as stated within this privacy policy.
However if the need arises in special cases, we will maintain the data for longer periods of time.
This data will be securely stored and backed up until deletion is possible.

Information that NexCRM processes on your behalf

Data such as contact information and all data stored within your NexCRM account fall under this
category. These data are yours to own as long as you have an active subscription with NexCRM
and will be processed, deleted or modified only upon your request.

Information entrusted to NexCRM

As a NexCRM user, you entrust information that you control to NexCRM. This can be through
the use of our services or products. In the instance of requesting technical support, a NexCRM
employee may access or use your data on your behalf to accurately provide technical

Information From Mobile Devices

When you choose to allow access to items such as the Camera or the location services, the
NexCRM mobile application will have access to these sources of information. All information
from these sources will only be stored in the NexCRM system if authenticated and triggered by
the user.

Ownership of Personal Service Data

NexCRM acknowledges that the personal service data that is stored within the NexCRM system
is still under your ownership. You may request to access, view, or delete your service data. The
NexCRM team will comply and provide you assistance within a maximum of 30 days

Retention Of Information

NexCRM will preserve the data and information within your account for as long as you choose
to subscribe to NexCRM products or services. Once you decide to stop using NexCRM
services, you data will be deleted within 90 days.

Information Security at NexCRM

NexCRM upholds data security to the highest scrutiny. To prevent misuse and data breach, we
have implemented various security protocols, employed appropriate data administrators and
enhanced all of our systems with technical and physical safeguards and fallbacks to halt
unauthorized access, modification and destruction of the data and information stored within our
systems. However, methods of transmission over the internet is never 100% secure. We can’t
guarantee the security of the information that you store with us and you do so at your own risk.

Location And International Transfers

By subscribing to NexCRM products and services, you are agreeing to the terms stated within
this policy, you consent to the processing and storage of personal data no matter where you
may be located. NexCRM follows the accords of the European Economic Area code when it
comes to the processing and transferal of international data.

DNT (Do Not Track Requests)

Internet browsers with the DNT features turned on send a DNT signal. We currently do not
enforce such a protocol and in the instance it becomes a governed law, we will adhere to the
DNT signals.

External Links On NexCRM Website

There are links to websites that may not be covered under this privacy policy on our website.
These websites fall under the third-party sites category. As a precautionary measure, be weary
when sharing personal information on any third-party sites.

NexCRM Blog & Forums

In the instance NexCRM has blogs or forums, please be aware that the information provided is
not supervised by NexCRM and you may be contacted with unsolicited messages by other
individuals that are not affiliated with NexCRM in any way. Information you provided freely on
these avenues will remain even if you terminate your NexCRM subscription. To request removal
please send a message to business@nexible.com.my

Disclosures In Legal Situations

Under the circumstances that we are required by law to disclose your user data, we will have to
comply with the regulatory body in-charge.


Enforcement Of NexCRM Rights

NexCRM may disclose personal information or service data to a third party if such disclosure is
needed to prevent fraud, investigation or any suspected illegal activities. The same conditions
apply in the terms of enforcing agreements or protecting our users safety.

Business Transfers

In the event that NexCRM gets acquired or transferred to another party. We will ensure that the
acquiring entity is legally bound to honor all our obligations to our users. We will personally
inform you regarding all choices or changes in policy in regards to your personal data and your
personal service data.

Compliance & Notification Of Changes To NexCRM Privacy Policy

In the event that the privacy policy is modified, we will notify our users 30 days in advance via
email. If the changes affects your rights, you will be provided with a 30 day time period to
terminate your account with NexCRM by sending us an email to business@nexible.com.my.
In the event that you continue to use NexCRM products and services after the 30 days time
period, you will be deemed to be in agreement with the changes made to the privacy policy.