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The Marketing Automation System that helps you capture, route & convert leads like a pro

High Volume Sales Done Right

Handling high volume sales poses a different kind of challenge that regular CRMs can’t handle right. With many automated features and an easy to use system that is available on both desktop and mobile, NexCRM will turbocharge your salespeople and help them close deals faster

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Stats have shown that you have a 900% more chance of closing a deal if you respond to leads within 5 minutes !

NexCRM’s automatically captures leads from various marketing sources. Our Lead Routing technology routes each lead amongst your team to ensure that leads will get a callback within 5 minutes. our advanced routing rules also allow you to send the right lead to the right team.


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Capture leads & Route to your team


The first step to a successful revenue generation ops is to connect all your marketing activities to sales.

NexCRM is well integrated with tons of international and local marketing sources to ensure that all your leads are captured well.

Once captured, our advanced Lead Routing Algorithm route the leads based on your rules and re-routes amongst your team until the lead is accepted and contacted.

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Better Pipeline Visibility


Leads in NexCRM goes through a well thought out and systematic process to ensure. You’ll be able to set up multiple pipelines with their own stages/funnel to ensure that leads receive the right attention at different stages of the customer journey.


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Lead Scoring and Reccomended Next Steps


Having 50 leads or 200 leads in your pipeline poses different challanges when it comes to closing deals. With the latter, you need a system that automates the follow-up process. With NexCRM, the follow-up processes are automated and leads that require attention will be identified and notified by our Smart Recommend Algorithm.

With automated lead scoring in place with pre-defined and customizable rules, your sales team would be well informed over leads that require special attention.

Previously, it took us a few days for our leads to get a response from us. With NexCRM in place, the whole process takes just minutes. Tracking leads and performance is also much easier.

Sharon Lee

Chief Marketing Officer, Berjaya Properties

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Track and view all touch points


Stats have shown that having access to important data about a potential buyer would reduce the sales cycle dramatically. With our detailed timeline view, you’ll be able to view every single touchpoint that you’ve ever had with a lead. This is very important as when it comes time for follow up, your next conversation with the lead would be more meaningful which in turn would reduce the lead-sales timeframe.

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CRM Deal Timeline Feature

Native call tracking and recording capability


Most salespeople call prospect 1-2 times before giving up. Stats have shown that it takes about  6 calls to reach 90% of your leads. This disparity is not evident because when you have high volume leads, its very easy to neglect a portion of them.

NexCRM has native call tracking capability with call recording features that addresses this.

Business Intelligence at its finest


With leads coming from various different sources, sales team across multiple region and other disconnected variables, it is not easy to manage the performance of your sales.

NexCRM has tons or reports and graphical analytics that helps you get the most out of the data.

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